Privacy Policy

1. What information Administer collects in eFina
In order to have an eFina account you need to give your First and Last name and Email address (optional). To be eligible to have an eFina account you have to be a client of Administer Oy or working for a company that is. eFina logs the users actions such as login, logoff and also what the user does inside the system.

2. How do we collect the information
When a user gets his of her eFina account we manually write the information into eFina database. The information is usually obtained by either asking for it in a client ramp-up meeting or it is input by the client’s main eFina user who has access rights to add eFina users to their company. Also we have a web form at which gives the possibility to give contact information for us to get back to the person. The form asks for a Company name, First and Last name, Phone number and an Email address. Optionally the user can fill in statistics about their approximate financial volumes regarding Purchase and Sales invoices and how many Pay checks they write per month.

eFina also collects information through secure integrations with other financial software. The nature of the collected information through this method is always related to end-customer information such as their billing address, names and all the invoice information that flows between the integrated systems.

3. How does Administer use the information
Personal information such as First and Last name and email address are used to identify eFina users in the system and give different access rights based on the person’s role in the respective company or companies. Same information is also used to inform eFina users about planned outages and sending out other similar informative items. Information input through the website is used by our sales department in contacting the person who gave the information. Information regarding the user’s actions when using the eFina service (such as login and logoff) is stored in eFina’s database and is used to solve problem situations and in improving eFina as a service. Information obtained through integrations with other financial software is used to handle our client’s billing or reporting.

Administer does not sell any information to any third parties.

4. What control does the customer have over their personal information
EFina users can change their First and Last names, Phone numbers, email addresses and opt out from any news letters and such communications using the eFina user interface online. In order to remove a user completely from the system the user needs to either contact Administer Helpdesk or request the company’s main user to remove the account.

5. How we protect the information
All interfaces to eFina are secured by widely used secure web standards. EFina server’s are located in a secure location with access restrictions. Employee access to Administer customers is restricted and access is given on a need basis.