Financial management services
in real time

Real time information

How about bringing your company’s financial monitoring up to date all at once by switching to Administer? The impact is more significant than you think – and not just financially. We will keep you up to date with the financial situation of your company. Consequently, you will now have the time to take action on the basis of this information.The easy-to-use eFina software provides a real-time overview of your company and its finances. Without investing in a software or maintenance.

Time is money

When time is scarce, why spend it on pointless routines? Your time can be spent more efficiently: your invoices are paid automatically and you can monitor the development of your company on the screen of your tablet in real time on your sofa at home. No more fiddling with paper.

Your current key numbers always with you

Do you feel like you are paying too much for your current financial management? Is it difficult to find and keep good financial management professionals? Is your current accounting company incapable of meeting your Group’s reporting requirements?

The most cost efficient financial department

Is financial management outside of your company’s core competencies? Would you like your company to have a comprehensive, service-oriented and cost-efficient financial department and modern electronic tools? Outsource your financial department to Administer and we will take care of your routines efficiently.

Prominent customers

Länsimetro Oy

Administer has provided us with a high-quality service and fast response times, and we are very satisfied with their performance. MAtti Kokkinen, CEO


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