From payroll to System Specialist – Rapid advancement possible at Administer


Rina Huhtala toimii Administerilla järjestelmä asiantuntijana.

“Rina’s enthusiasm for new systems and their development has propelled her career forward rapidly. A motivated and eager learner, she has advanced in a short time to become a system specialist.

Exciting Work with Systems

Inspiring work, a clearly defined role, flexible hours, a skilled team, and opportunities for self-improvement and advancement within the company—these are the aspects that Administer’s Payroll System Specialist, Rina, highlights as the best parts of her job.

Rina applied to work at Administer at the recommendation of a friend who had already started there. She was attracted by the great team and opportunities for advancement. In April 2019, she joined the Administer’s payroll department, and just a few months later, in July 2019, she transitioned to the role of a system specialist.

Currently, Rina is responsible for the smooth operation of three payroll software programs and all departmental training. She also assists payroll employees with challenges and solves payroll-related issues. In addition, Rina performs routine system tasks, supports and stands in for payroll managers, and is part of the payroll development team.

Rina mentions that learning different software programs has always come easily to her. “I’ve always had an affinity for data,” Rina laughs. “I’ve always been bold in trying new things, especially software.”

Trust is Everything

Rina finds Administer to be an encouraging and supportive work environment. She is particularly satisfied with her supervisors, who trust their experts. “One of the most critical aspects is that supervisors have faith in our expertise and encourage us to take on new areas and adjust our job description according to our interests,” Rina reflects.

Rina has noticed that she and her colleagues are given the right amount of freedom in executing their work. “I’ve shown what I’m capable of and have received challenges accordingly. There’s no micromanagement either,” she clarifies.

Rina works remotely at least twice a week. In addition to regular remote work, she occasionally conducts system testing and updates when others are not working—either in the evenings or on weekends. “That’s when the option to work remotely is especially nice, so I don’t have to be in the office,” Rina muses.

The Future Brings Growth and Development

Rina mentions that the company’s leadership at Administer guides everyone toward continuous improvement. Administer Group’s growth is a testament to this commitment to development. “We’re advancing the field of financial management. Even though our organization is large, different departments communicate well with each other. I think that’s essential for progress,” Rina summarizes.

In the future, Rina would like to focus more on development work. “Of course, I want to improve myself as an expert, but I’m particularly interested in being part of development and making the payroll process easy and smooth for others. Working towards the bigger picture and planning and implementing innovations are what interest me,” she reflects.”