Frequently asked questions

What are the different ways of delivering purchase invoices to the service?

Our service is open to different ways of delivering invoices. We recommend electronic invoicing, but if this is not possible, a traditional paper invoice may also be used. Invoices can also be delivered by email. To sum up, there are three modes of delivery: electronic invoices, email invoices and paper invoices.

How long will it take before a purchase invoice is available for approval?

Invoices arrive in the system throughout the day and are processed quickly. Processing electronic invoices takes 10 minutes on average. Email invoices takes between 10 to 60 minutes and paper invoices will be ready for approval in 6 hours on average.

Is the service available on mobile devices?

Yes. The service does not require a high-end computer, and it works well on, for example, tablets and mobile phones. It is also quick to use the service on mobile devices.

Is it possible to do things the traditional way?

Yes. We offer traditional financial management, it that is what the customer wants.

Does the service include sending and receiving electronic invoices?

Yes. Sending and receiving electronic invoices are included in our services without any extra charge. Our electronic invoice operator is BasWare. Note: Using electronic invoices does not generate extra costs for your business.

Can I send traditional paper sales invoices?

Yes. Our service offers the possibility to send paper sales invoices in paper form. We submit invoices throughout the day, every day of the year.

My customer requires that attachments are sent along with an electronic invoice. Is this possible?

Yes. It is possible to attach files to sales invoices. Such files typically include breakdowns of working hours or costs, copies of receipts as well as advertisements.

Does the use of the service require installing Java?

No. Using Java is not recommended due to its severe deficiencies in data security, which have not been fixed. Data security experts recommend removing Java from computers completely.

Who takes care of my financial management?

As our customer, you will have skilled financial management professionals at your disposal. You will always have designated contact persons at your service, never a faceless team. Your contact person’s professional know-how is always up to date.

International operations

Our customers also include international companies, and we serve you in English, Swedish or Finnish.

My business is a Group. Do you offer Group accounting?

Yes, we do. The eFina service includes a comprehensive Group accounting function, which makes Group monitoring easy. Group consolidations can be performed for instance monthly or annually when closing the accounts. Consolidatingon of foreign companies is also possible.

My business has 139 employees. Do they all need individual user licenses?

No. Our service is flexible and cost-effective partly due to the fact that no user specific license fee is required. Everyone in need of access to eFina access will get their individual username free of charge.

A Chart of Accounts in English?

Of course. A Chart of Accounts can be set up both in Finnish and in English giving the user the option to choose the language for the reports.

Is there any downtime in the service?

The service has experienced downtimes 5 times per year on average. We try to schedule downtime during night time in order to minimize any inconvenience. The utilization rate of the service is 99.9%.

How is the accounting material archived?

The accounting material is archived by financial year on CD-ROM and DVD discs / flash drives depending on the amount of the accounting data in question. The archive meets the legal requirements for storing accounting data. Archiving is an integral part of our service.

Is the data being secured?

Yes. Administer takes care of securing data on multiple levels.

I’ve forgotten my eFina password. What should I do?

You can easily reset the password. On the login page, there’s a link: Forgot password? The link will open up a new window for changing the password. Fill in your username and click the Change password button.

In a moment, you will receive an email with a link. By clicking the link, you will receive a one-time password via text message. This temporary password is valid for 12 hours, during which you need to log in to eFina using the one-time password and change it to a new one.

I didn’t receive a text message with the one-time password. What should I do?

We cannot deliver the password, if you haven’t added your phone number and email to your eFina account information. In that case, get in touch with our customer support.

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