We are always looking for more professional accounting companies to join our team

Electronic and paperless financial management provides sustained competitive advantage for an accounting company. By collaborating with Administer, an experienced pioneer in the field, you can easily update the services of your company to meet today’s standards.

We base our operations on Finnish expertise and talent. We provide jobs in Finland and find it honourable to take of corporate responsibility and pay taxes to Finland. We want to invest in local service so that the services our customers need and jobs are available all over the country.

We are looking for more professional accounting companies to join our successful team in different parts of Finland.

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Within one year, our business and staff more than doubled.

Aura Kvestor Ltd joined Administer in 2011. When you join Administer, your company participates in the parent company’s strong growth. In addition, your locally-run office benefits from national-level resources offered by the parent company. Mr. Kaakkurivaara warmly recommends the solution to colleagues in other accounting companies.

“Working in fruitful collaboration with Administer, our company benefits from all resources and support the group has to offer, at the same time maintaining its independent role within the group.”

Ismo Kaakkurivaara
Managing Director, Administer Turku

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