Accounting and reporting keep your company on track.

At the minimum: A necessary evil and a regulatory obligation
Now: A genuinely beneficial investment that helps you steer your company in the right direction

Keep yourself up to date with your company’s finances

We take care of the routines and responsibilities on your behalf and make sure that you always have up-to-date information about your company’s finances. eFina provides you with financial information whenever you need it. You can generate an up-to-date income statement and and drill down into the figures all the way to the entry level.

Since we automatically record transactions on an accrual basis in combination with a split into monthly periods, the information about the company’s actual financial situation is as current as possible.

We provide services for all kinds of companies from small businesses to public companies, international groups and SOX-compliant companies, from sole proprietorships to limited partnerships, general partnerships and limited companies – as well as for foundations and associations.


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