Outsourcing of financial applications

Financial Applications As A Service

Smart and effective financial management requires advanced applications that automate processes. By purchasing software as a service, you avoid  paying for the development and administration difficult systems. Administer can take responsibility of the development, ensuring that your organization always has access to the latest tools and programs.

Administer uses financial software based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The software includes preset account plans, templates, configurations and conversion tools offering the most efficient, user-friendly solution for your organization. Adminsiter also offers scalable cloud services to assist with among others business planning and purchasing.

You choose if you want to purchase only the applications or the entire process. In either case, we take responsibility for primary user services and software maintenance, administration and development. Administer’s knowledgeable integration experts make sure the integration of applications with your other business systems is smooth.

Is outsourcing financial and accounting applications the right choice for you?

Outsourcing accounting applications is an opportunity for medium to large companies and organizations that are looking for external assistance with the development and maintenance of their financial management. Businesses that have outdated systems, key staff retiring, structural changes, cost-saving needs, or that wish to take advantage of automation and digitalization possibilities have a lot to win from the model.

Outsourcing is also suitable for companies that are looking for greater flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency in their financial management IT systems (“Pay as you go”).

IT services for financial management

Financial management software requires practical IT services that have sufficient capacity, data communication, good user support and ISO20000 certified data security. Using a supplier for your IT services and applications makes it simpler and smoother to deal with various situations.

Administer has lengthy, proven experience with IT services and outsourcing. Our data center is security-certified to guarantee quality and reliability. Business-critical data is securely stored and accessible to you through our cloud services.

Continuous development of our services ensures that our solutions always provide you always offer you the best solution in the market.


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