Is your financial management up-to-date? Take a quick test!

If you suspect that you are not getting everything out of your financial management, find out the state of your affairs by taking this simple test

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I can get the latest information about my company's finances whenever I need it.


Calculating customer and product profitability is clear and effortless.


The cash flows are under my control even at this moment.


I can predict my future financial situation easily and reliably.


I know when it is financially worthwhile to move capital from a zero-interest bank account to more profitable use.


I know where the figures in my reports come from.


I monitor the effect of an up-to-date reward system on the company's finances and vice versa.


I am familiar with the valid accounting legislation and regulations and know how they affect the finances of my company.


I think the financial management of my company could be taken care of more efficiently with fewer resources.


I know how to choose an accounting company that best suits my company.

Way to go!

Your worries about utilizing financial information are certainly not based on getting too little information too late. Sounds like you are a customer of Administer, aren’t you?

It’s looking good! And it is good, isn’t it?

It seems your financial management is mostly in order, but there are still some shortcomings. We recommend taking a critical look at your financial management and checking if there is room for improvement in the services you use.

You are tapping in the dark

The end may come tomorrow or next month without you noticing it. And you cannot even tell why. We recommend checking the services provided by your financial management immediately.

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