Päivi trusts the expertise of team members and listens to customers carefully



Päivi Korhonen, who was born in Varkaus and has lived in Varkaus for most of her life, works as Head of Payroll Management in the Administer Group’s Varkaus office, which operates under the name Tilikamut Oy. The Varkaus regional office joined the Group in the spring of 2022 when Administer acquired Konjunktuuri Oy’s payroll services, and they were merged with Administer’s Tilikamut. This is how Päivi became an Administer employee. Later in the spring, Sydän-Suomen Taloushallinta, which operates in Pihtiputaa and Kinnula, also joined Administer. In addition to Varkaus, Päivi’s responsibilities also include payroll calculation in Pihtiputaa.

Varkaus is a strong industrial area and the office calculates the salaries of large industrial companies and smaller subcontractors operating in the area. She also has experience in international payroll management and taxation.

The employer’s support is vital in developing competence

Päivi has made a long career working for the same employer in Konjunktuuri for almost 30 years. According to Päivi, working in a small company offered a good and important opportunity for the versatile development of one’s competence.  Administer also invests in developing the competence of its employees: for example, it offers a PHT degree for payroll clerks and a KLT degree for accountants.

Päivi is a business college graduate. Over the years, she has actively developed her competence: the merit list includes a vocational degree in financial management, training from the Chamber of Commerce and, most recently, training in labor legislation. Päivi’s responsibilities have gradually increased over the years and supervisor work has become part of her duties.

Päivi waits eagerly what Administer’s extensive operations network and large customer base will bring to Varkaus. A new Sales Manager Pasi Sorjonen recently started working in the Varkaus region, and Päivi is excited to work with Pasi.

  • I have also been involved in sales and recruitment in the past. I have always worked close to the customer interface, including financial management and payroll. Here in Varkaus, we have a small and close work community and a good work atmosphere, and I want to keep it open, confidential, and safe.

One of Päivi’s team members aptly described that the team takes care of customers with a maternal touch. As a supervisor, Päivi has excellent organizational skills, the ability to listen to team members and customers, and important problem-solving skills.

  • I see the importance of listening and the ability to be present as very important. Someone wise has calculated that we do our work with 70% emotion and 30% substance. If the atmosphere and tools are in order, the results are better. That is why it is important to listen and react to situations.

In her free time, Päivi enjoys things that she considers meaningful to her: music, culture, reading, yoga and group exercise classes.