Integrations require a specialist


Antti Toikkanen henkilökuva

When a company is about to deploy Administer’s eFina financial management system, it often needs to be integrated with other systems, such as project management systems. That’s when Antti steps in – his responsibility is to see these integrations through. Read what Antti says about his job.

Link between customers, providers and product development

Antti is an IT Specialist whose responsibilities include integrating Administer’s eFina with other systems. In other words, Antti makes sure that eFina talks with any systems the customer might be using.

“The customer could, for example, want to keep using a project management system to send out sales invoices. These invoices must also be on eFina for accounting purposes. In this case, I would create the necessary settings to make the integration work smoothly. Of course, project management systems are just one example. Others include budgeting and reporting systems that are used to process and format data from eFina.”

Antti is also the link between the customers, the system providers and Administer’s product development. “Some of the more complex integrations may require programming. When they do, I coordinate the wishes of the customer with our own product development team.”

Integration projects are good learning experiences

Antti has worked at Administer since early 2018. While studying business economics at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, he ran across Administer’s job ad and started his career working part time at Administer’s Service Center. In spring 2019, he transferred to system integrations.

Integration projects are a great way to learn more about financial management. Antti feels he is in the right place. “I still have a lot to learn, but working on integrations gives me an understanding of different financial management processes. Integrations are needed for very different types of systems and through those I gain deep insight into the different ways companies organize their financial management. My goal is to get as detailed a view of the world of financial management as possible and keep learning new things every day.”

Freedom to work independently

According to Antti, the best part of his job is that he is trusted to work independently, even when the work is not straightforward.

“I can handle my responsibilities as I see fit. At the beginning of new projects with new customers, there are always things to figure out. Problem solving motivates me and you often end up discovering something completely new.”

“Of course, you don’t need to do everything by yourself. I have great colleagues here at Administer.”