Freedom and responsibility in just the right proportion


For Controller Ulla problem solving, personal development and freedom are the key ingredients for loving her job. Also, the team and colleagues bring joy to workdays – nobody is left alone. Read what Ulla says about her job at Administer.

Development and problem solving motivate

“I hold a Master’s in Economics. However, when I graduated, I wasn’t very familiar with financial management. After my studies and an internship, my career started as a trainee at a small accounting firm in 2010. But my ambition was to work in a bigger, nationwide company that has big clients. This became a reality when I joined Administer.

In my previous position as an accountant I interacted with clients on a wide spectrum: I helped out with solving development issues, was in charge of cash management reporting and handled client enquiries. Now I work as a controller. For some of our clients I’m now a financial controller, while at the same time I’m training to become a business controller.

I’m part of our CFO services team learning more and more about management accounting, reporting development, financial process mapping and special cases in financial accounting. The possibilities of service design and solving problems motivate me.”

Everybody is heard

“I really value versatility, learning and training possibilities. Lately Administer has really invested in these areas. It’s easy to get top quality educational materials and information to support your development as a professional. We work in tight collaboration internally learning from one another as well.

Administer has a low hierarchy. Everybody has a voice here and it’s heard too. You must be able to work independently, so self-management is a must, but with responsibility comes also freedom. Trust is a big factor, and here it goes both ways.

Naturally, colleagues are also important to me. Working here you become a team, and nobody is left alone.”

Working on the cutting-edge

“At Administer you get to work on the cutting-edge of development and digitalization. You learn new things constantly and gain insight into different kinds of clients. In the future I would like to, for example, keep expanding my know-how on service design.

Accounting doesn’t have the best of reputation as a profession at the moment. Thus, not that many people pursue a career in the field. This is really a shame. For example, as an accountant here at Administer you really have big shoes to fill: You face a lot of challenges and get opportunities to change up your daily routine. I was surprised myself by how much fun I’ve had working here. And it all boils down to flexibility, which you can’t find everywhere. Not to forget the feeling of success – when the client succeeds, we succeed.”