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Häkärinteet Ltd is a ski resort in Central Finland. They adapted Administer’s paperless and real-time financial management services as a pioneer in their field in 2009The ski-resort business is highly seasonal by character, and this creates interesting additional pressure on the business.

‘Previously, I had to spend time on unnecessary paperwork, such as opening invoices, managing unpaid invoices, paying invoices and other irrelevant tasks that do not bring us any more visitors or skiing days. What’s more, there were always invoices missing. Now it’s great that I do not have to think about these things at all’, says Jukka Kirjavainen, Managing Director of Häkärinteet Ltd.

‘We are a rather small family business, and we value cost savings and efficient use of time during the season. The well-being of entrepreneurs cannot be overemphasized either – as is well known, the quarter of a family entrepreneur is 25 years’, Kirjavainen continues.

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