From an intern to a full-time employee


Accounting Manager Mikko stayed on at Administer as a full-time employee following a summer traineeship and an internship. He has been with Administer for more than a decade already because he values the continuous opportunities for development and the great work community, which is especially important to him. Read what Mikko says about his job.


Wide-ranging tasks

“I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, received in 2010. My studies required a six-month internship, which I completed with Administer. Following the internship, I stayed on as a summer trainee in accounting. During fall 2008 and spring 2009, I worked part-time while finishing my studies and then continued on as a full-time employee.

At the moment, about half of my working hours are spent on accounting work for clients. In addition to this, I help out with internal development projects, develop our processes and train others on them and participate in the development work of our eFina system. Also, I’m always happy to help my colleagues with any client projects they might need help with.

I used to work as a project manager in our Sisu team, where I was in charge of starting up new clients. For a few years I also worked as a team manager in accounting.
At Administer I’ve really had the opportunity to take on different roles and participate in many development projects.”

Great colleagues motivate and make work enjoyable

“Whenever I’ve craved for new challenges, I’ve gotten them. As a father of two small children, I appreciate the flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely. I feel that the atmosphere here is relaxed, and the very best part of my job is having great colleagues.”