It’s is easy to fit into the work community at Administer



Account Manager Aapo Suhonen: Competent personnel and a wide range of services are an important competitive advantage

Aapo Suhonen, 47, joined Administer three years ago as a Customer Service Coordinator. He was in charge of the operation of the service center. The service center handles customer feedback and questions, most of which are related to the financial management software eFina.

Aapo says that it was easy to fit into the work community at Administer, which was also made easier by his own proactivity. The large company operates in many locations, which is why he has not been able to meet all Teams acquaintances face to face yet. However, the company’s joint events, such as large summer parties, will change now that the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.

In May 2022, Aapo was appointed Account Manager at the same time as the number of Administer’s Account Manager positions was increased and the roles were clarified and strengthened. The goal of the reform is an even better customer experience, which each Account Manager will help build in their own areas of strength, complementing each other. Aapo finds technical expertise and good customer service to be his strength, and in accounting skills, he relies on the expertise of his teammates.

With several years of experience working directly in the customer interface, Aapo sees the wide range of services offered to customers as Administer’s competitive advantage. There are competitors in the financial management market, but they offer a slightly different and partly much narrower range of services. Aapo considers good and competent personnel to be an important and significant competitive advantage. It is also Administer’s goal as an employer: employee experience and skills development is invested in significantly, for example by offering accountants and payroll clerks KLT and PHT degrees free of charge. The company is also about to launch an extensive and comprehensive coaching process to develop supervisor work and leadership, which is expected to have a major impact on well-being at work and corporate culture.

In his free time, the sporty Aapo enjoys time outdoors and exercises depending on the weather: gym, swimming, cycling and running. Commuting from home to Ruoholahti by bicycle only takes ten minutes, and when it rains, commuting by metro is even faster. Investing, and monitoring the stock market and the economy are also areas of interest for Aapo, especially now that Administer is also a listed company and he himself is a shareholder in the company. Aapo is glad that the office still subscribes to traditional printed financial newspapers, such as Kauppalehti, which he always reads when he visits the Ruoholahti office.