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Gameleo Systems

Gameleo Systems

Gameleo Systems is a company providing mobile communications services with less than ten employees. Their financial management used to be handled by a traditional accounting company. To get rid of unnecessary paperwork, the company selected Administer as its new cooperation partner.

Just like many other relatively small companies, Gameleo previously created its invoices using Excel, monitored its receivables via online banking and received information on its financial status in the form of 1.5 months old printed reports.

Through the cooperation with Administer Gameleo gained the opportunity to monitor their entire financial status through eFina. Sales invoices can be sent out directly from the system and purchase invoices approved with just a push of a button. Monitoring and forecasting cash flows became simpler at one go.

With the new cooperation partner, the accounting expenses increased slightly, but this was compensated by the time freed up for productive work.

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