Administer Ajankohtaista Customer stories Carbonlink calculates your carbon footprint using financial data

Carbonlink calculates your carbon footprint using financial data

Carbonlink calculates your carbon footprint using financial data

Sustainability is an increasingly important part of the daily activities of companies around the world, that seek ways to measure and reduce their emissions. CarbonLink, a company founded by climate scientists from the University of Helsinki, has created a system for calculating companies’ carbon footprint based on their purchase invoices and accounts of expenses. The algorithm identifies the essential information about a given purchase – for example, that the bought item is a laptop or a printer – and combines the information with data on the CO2 emissions caused by its production, taken from a carbon database.

“Providing the service works best when there is modern financial management software into which the required APIs can be integrated. As Administer’s customer, I found that their eFina software, which the company continuously develops itself, suits this purpose excellently. This gave birth to the idea of forming a partnership, and we are already preparing a joint pilot that will be carried out in 2023,” says Merli Juustila, CEO of CarbonLink.

Consequently, Administer’s customers will have access to a revolutionary service that significantly reduces the time spent on calculating their carbon footprint. In its simplest form, the service enables the customer to receive real-time data with a single click. Based on the data, customers can immediately take measures to reduce their carbon footprint more easily than before. Until now, data collection has been a long multistep process, typically executed once a year. The algorithm also carries out more accurate and systematic calculations and assessments than a human being.

“Many companies set targets for carbon neutrality, but tracking the targets is arduous. Calculating indirect emissions in particular is so challenging for many that they skip it and only report direct emissions and emissions related to energy purchases. However, indirect emissions often account for the largest share of total emissions, and we want to provide Administer’s customers with an easier way to calculate and track them,” Juustila states.