Marko Parkkinen


‘The basis of all growth is learning: doing things smarter than the day before. I outsourced the financial administration of my company to Administer in 2009 and haven’t regretted it since. On the contrary, I learned my lesson and let Administer handle the financial administration in the more than ten other companies I own or have invested money in.’

‘With Administer, I can focus on the things I love, such as making young companies grow bigger. Administer’s web-based software provides me with all critical financial figures wherever I am. What’s best, the people and the customer service are of top quality. I can reach my contacts at Administer whenever I want, and they kindly remind me if action is required from my side. I warmly recommend Administer to all those who are busy in many arenas and would like to organize things smarter – to companies, associations and foundations, regardless of their size and type.’

Marko Parkkinen, Multiple Entrepreneur and Marketing Guru

‘I wanted Marko to become our customer, since I knew that our service would suit an entrepreneur like him who is involved in many companies at the same time. It has been a pleasure to notice that I was right. Our business is based on long-term customer relationships, and Marko Parkkinen is a model example of a fruitful cooperation. I welcome other multiple entrepreneurs to become our customers, no matter what their location is.’

Kimmo Herranen, Sales Director of Administer Oy

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