Länsimetro & Administer


Länsimetro Ltd outsourced its financial management to Administer in 2007. Administer won the public tendering process by offering the most cost-effective overall solution for electronic financial management.

Matti Kokkinen, Managing Director of Länsimetro, explains the criteria behind the selection of Administer: ‘The foremost reason was that Administer was able to provide us with a web-based user interface that is both flexible and well-fitted to our needs. After discussions with reference customers, we became all the more convinced that Administer was the best solution in terms of both price and quality. For example, positive feedback from the City of Helsinki played a major role in the decision.’

Administer handles the entire financial management of Länsimetro with web-based tools. This means real-time, paperless functions and carefree routines. All basic tasks can be handled on the Internet, irrespective of time and place. Administer has also dedicated a virtual financial department to Länsimetro. ‘Administer has provided us with a high-quality service and fast response times, and we are very satisfied with their performance’, Kokkinen praises.

Länsimetro Ltd, a company co-owned by the Cities of Helsinki and Espoo, will carry out the most significant traffic investment in Finland over the coming years. The company will extend the Helsinki metro system from Ruoholahti in Helsinki to Matinkylä in Espoo. The new 14-kilometre-long metro line will have seven stations. The objective is to produce a presentable, modern and sustainable metro system of high quality enabling passengers to enjoy the benefits of fast public transport safely and flexibly.

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