Golf Center


Golf Center Ltd and Administer started their co-operation in financial management in January 2007. Previously, Golf Center’s financial administration had been handled by a conventional accounting company. Golf Center expected improvements especially in the approval of purchase invoices and reporting speed.

‘Outsourcing the purchase-invoice process and switching to electronic services was definitely the right move. We don’t have to store paper invoices in our offices anymore, and in general I can say that financial administration has become much easier’, says Panu Parviainen, Managing Director of Golf Center.

Financial management on the basis of real-time information brings remarkable benefits. Customers can monitor the financial situation of their company and all related information directly on the Internet. Golf Center has also taken advantage of monitoring up-to-date figures. ‘Cost-unit specific monitoring improves our understanding of how costs are divided between our various offices. Quarterly monitoring has also become simpler’, Parviainen says with satisfaction.

Golf Center’s payroll administration is also outsourced to Administer. The whole financial management run with the same system, eFina, which makes everyday life smoother for Golf Center. “Thanks to the reliable service provided by Administer, all the salaries are paid correctly and on time. Like all the other key financial numbers, eFina now provides us with a real-time overview of paid salaries and those pending approval”, Parviainen sums up the advantages of outsourced financial management.

Golf Center Ltd is a leading Finnish retailer of golf equipment with two stores in the Helsinki area: Espoo and Vantaanportti. In addition, Golf Center Demokeidas serves customers for club testing purposes in Espoo Löfkulla Golf during the summertime, and Golf Center Logo Products delivers golf-related promotional products to more than 300 companies. The online shop of Golf Center is available at

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